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Are you thinking of getting a new TV/Appliance because the old one isn’t working as well as it once did or worse, not working at all? Before you rush out to buy a new one, call us. In most instances, a broken television can be easily and affordably repaired so that it is as good as the day you first bought it.

At Nortech TV and Appliance Repair we specialize in delivering prompt, friendly, and expert service. We have been a family-owned business serving the Seattle area since 1989. We believe in treating our customers like family—with integrity, respect, honesty and attention to your needs. At Nortech, we aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied. So why wait? Call us today, and you just may be watching your favorite show in all its glorious color tonight!


When a TV stops working, the initial reaction is, “Let’s go buy a new one!” However, a quick visit to the electronics store quickly reveals how expensive a new TV can cost. Nortech offers fast, friendly service to repair your TV and SAVE YOU MONEY!


We believe in treating our clients like family – which means with the utmost respect, honesty, and attention to your needs. We want to fix your TV the first time, every time. We see each client as a valuable member of the Nortech family of business. We rely on word-of-mouth referrals and want you to be completed satisfied with your experience.


Calling us saves you the headache of taking your TV to a shop, waiting for days (sometimes weeks), or spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new TV. Our extensive experience means you can sit in the comfort of your home while we fix your TV!

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TV Repair

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